say what?

who: jessica s.

said what: i'm sorry. i wasn't paying attention. i was making love to my taco.

in regards to: torchys taco.

all the things i buy...

since i mentioned clocks earlier, i thought i would boast about the best clock ever!

ok... i started typing a long list of why this clock is awesome and then realized... it's an effing CLOCK! so at the off chance i haven't made myself look like a total gadget nerd, which i am thanks to my father, i am bowing out of this post as of right now.

turk turk.

when he knows that he has done wrong, he hides in the laundry room... the door was shut with the basket in front. he's trying to hide from me. i think, he thinks he's camouflaged. and maybe if he put his paw over his eyes, i won't see him.

all the things i want...

i think this clock is pretty cool and i've admired it for some time but i have a pretty cool clock so i don't really need it, or want it for that matter, but i appreciate it for sure!

what i do want is more hours in the day... sometimes there are just not enough long torturous hours to get all my things done. if i can't have time... can there be 3 of me?!

nothing better.

than a beer at lil woodrows.

and tacos from torcheys.
with the ladies!!!!

for hire!

a wanna be creative that could do a better job with photo editing than the twit at Post-It who can't even get the number ON the Post-It... i mean!!!


high fivin' friday

yeah... i drew this and then took a picture with my camera phone, what?!... i'm trying to be resourceful.

here we go! i haven't done this in a few weeks so here's a treat.

high five to my old sport Gauge for eating all the crickets that infiltrate the house. He's the best! (and he doesn't eat my shoes.)

my DVR deserves a high five for pausing on this CiCi's moment JUUUST right!

ever been to el salvador and back to austin in less than a hour and a half?... doubt it! i have. that's why Swampy, Jessica, Codelyn and myself deserve a high five!

high five to a perfect day. if only they weren't so few and far between.

and the last high five of the week goes to my blog... Happy One Year!


all the things i buy...

since the morning of shoe massacre '08, i am on a mission to restock my closet with cuteness. here is my first purchase. they are the jessica simpson henri and i've only been able to find them online at amazon.com. i got a killer deal on them at my loacl macy's.

all the things i want...

by luckypaperie

too bad i don't know anyone who's expecting because i think this would a precious addition to any babies room. maybe my sister wouldn't mind popping out at another one! ... i'm only kidding, sister no. 1


why doesn't my stoopid google reader always update in real time... WHHHHHY?!

mother and myself.

i'm jet setting off to NYC in three weeks! holla'!

at first, swampy and i were going to take the trip together but due to an unforeseen scheduling conflict, she can not accompany me. for this, i am so incredibly sad. i think my trip with swampy would have been such amazing fun! but we will just have to plan for another trip, at another time!

with my anxiousness growing to set out on a trip alone to THE big city, i honestly was a tad bit excited to do it on my own. i'm going for business, as well as pleasure, so the majority of my days could have been filled with me roaming rows upon rows of vendors set up at the convention center. which i know it doesn't sound exciting, but for this paper freak... it's like a dream land!... of stationery and wrapping paper and invitations and pens and party supplies and knick knacks and patty whacks and... okay, sorry if i got lost for a second. back to the point. so the thought of doing this alone was a little invigorating. BUT! at the same time, kind of boring and a little sad. it's always fun to share fun experiences with someone in your life. and i wanted someone to shop with, and eat with, and see the big city lights with. and it doesn't hurt to have someone that takes decent pictures.

well, my mother called me on tuesday night. she told me that she was asking off work to go with me to NYC... hold. the. phone.

excuse me! i'm sorry, i didn't hear her correctly... i thought she said she was asking off work?! my mother doesn't ask off of work. my mother is a work horse. my mother hasn't been out of the tri-state area since '96. and now, not only is she taking 2 or 3 planned days off of work but she is going to take a plane. to a city she has never been to before... WTF?! this is freaking me out.

but she was fo' reals, yo! my mother and myself are taking a trip TOGETHER! just me and her... she and i. THIS, has never happened. wait, it has... but that was under the worse circumstances of my life, so that doesn't count. anyhow, i am super STOKED about this. there are so many pros to this situation that i've ran out of fingers and toes counting them.

she asked where we were staying and when i told her... she said she wasn't familiar with The W. i told her, " it's no Holiday Day Inn, mom."

this is going to be fun... i hope she can keep up!

yay me! III

this one's for you, erika g.

i've been dreading this update.

okay, okay, okay... so this week has not been a good one. it hasn't been bad, i've had worse, but it hasn't been great. i've had awkward moments all over the place and i'm very close to shutting myself off from the outside world for a few days. but i won't. so here we go...

day: 21
cokes consumed: 1
ciggies smoked: 1 {from prior weeks} , 10{ this week} {yikes!}
lbs lost: 5.5 total {i'm having trouble getting over this hump}


la pensée de la semaine.

for days i have thinking about all the stuff i need to get done within the next few days and i finally decided to write it all down so that i could wrap my head around it... i'm feeling a bit overwhelmed. i just started on a fourth page.

those breathing exercises that you learn in therapy may actually come in handy... if only i'd been to therapy.

all the things i want...

love this!

i want to cover an entire wall in my work space at home with white painted hoops of all the fabrics that inspire me. i constantly come across fabrics that i adore but i never have the time, money, or skill to buy 5 yards here and 8 yards there and turn it into something amazing. BUT! a yard here and there, placed in a hoop, and hung on the wall... PRESTO! instant inspiration. and wall decor!


looks like the crazies are jumping from craigslist to etsy.com. take a peak what you can get for only $2.00!!!

Rainbow Couch Pellets will save your coinage and sooth furniture anxiety


Feed these yummy rainbow-flavored nuggets to your furniture so that it will stop eating your pocket change. Rainbow Couch Pellets also ease your furniture's achy joints and sooth the anxiety that leads to hoarding. Cholesterol Free. Keep out of reach of children and animals.

backwards tricycle.

this has been sitting in the hallway at work for month now... and NO ONE knows who it's for, when it got here, where if came from, why it's on top of two display shelves, or how the hell we're suppose to ride it?

it's all a big mystery.

say what?

who: my mother

said what: "did he really put them in a row?"

in reagrds to: turk


all the things i want/need...

shoes, shoes, and more shoes.


friends, family, countrymen... lend me your eyes. i've upload pictures from this weekends debauchery. {really, there is no better word to describe it} but know a few things before browsing over these lovely treats.
1. i am young.
2. i am single.
3. i have no political aspirations.

with that said... enjoy, bitches.
check out "all the pictures i snap" in the right hand column. you may have to scroll up, down or side to side.


i suppose someone was not happy with my state of mind when i came home early sunday morning. this is what i found late sunday morning when i woke up, not even 7 hours later. how in the hell? oh, and yes... turk arranged them in a neat and orderly fashion.

surprisingly i didn't beat him... surprisingly! i calmly went to the storage closet, took out his crate, and reintroduced him to his chambers. torture of the long and mental kind is what i prefer. he has done some shit in the past but come on!!! never has the little bastard open my closet door, jump up on the shelf, pop open his choice of plastic boxes, drag out my favorite shoes, and chomp down on some ta$ty leather.

but as a mother does, i looked pass his faults, mistakes, and bad choices and cuddle up on the sofa with him all day.

upside? i get to go shopping!!!


there was something comforting about getting in my car this morning and making the dreaded 45 minute commute to work. i knew what i was in for... for the most part. there would be no surprises, no unexpected drama, no cameras, and most importantly NO alcohol. my weekend on the other hand... not so much.

to steal from colby angus, i would have to say this was the "weirdest weekEND. EVER".

last night, as i laid on my sofa and took in all that had happened over the past two days, an odd feeling began to stir up inside my stomach... was it anxiety, guilt, annoyance, regret? i'm still not sure but it remains, churning, making me completely uneasy.

somehow, i found myself catapulted into a social circle that i clearly did not evaluate before jumping into head first. i don't like to mess with the flow of friends, disturb the pace at which people play but with the loss of inhibitions, i threw caution to the wind and regressed past my own awareness.

i threw words out that landed in the laps of some that were not even on my radar. i pushed the envelope with new friendships and it seemed to smack me right back in the face. i portrayed a side of myself that i'm not particularly proud to show. and the guilty by association idea may have played against me (does that ever work out well?). but the thing i feel so uncomfortable about is the possibly of losing a friendship that is: one, still pretty new. two, held in high regards. and three, has great potential to be a strong friend to have in my corner. and the Lord knows i need and crave for good people to be in my corner. i am disappointed in myself for stepping up to the line of respect and putting my toes directly on the line. i know better.

so maybe that feeling churning in my stomach is a little of regret, which makes me upset because i have, or had, no regrets. i always own both my emotions and my actions. so, i guess that is what i must do. it is, what it is... i have no apologies for being myself. even if that self is a bit of a giggling cu*t at times.



i can't stop laughing. maybe it's just me and that is fine but seriously, i'm watching this kid and i can't stop laughing!


me and sister no. 2

yay me! II

day: 14
cokes consumed: 0
ciggies smoked: 1
{sunday between the hours of 7pm and10pm do not count}
lbs lost: 5


that's right! i have talent.
p.s. - thanks ryan.


all the things i want...

it's time i start looking for luggage. i have none. well, none that is substantial enough for a NYC trip.

la pensée de la semaine.

i am amazed by what some people will burn their bridges over. i know it is hard for some of us to realize that we are adults and not only should our responsibilities be to pay our bills, show up for work everyday, and contribute to the society. but being an adult also includes having mature relationships where people communicate their grievances, share in each others happiness, and not judge those they love... at least that is what i think. i am aware we do not all live and breathe alike.


my SBJ died on a sunday. for the longest time i thought sundays would forever be marked by 'today is so many weeks since he died'. thank you God, for letting life go on so i would not keep counting. even though i do find myself walking a hallway or driving a long ride and thinking to myself, 'wow, two years. i have been without him for two years. yet, i still feel like he's infused in every part of my life.

the morning of his service i showered. put on my makeup. blow dried my hair and pulled it back. i opened the closet and pulled out the black dress that i had worn only two weeks before to carolina's christening where i stood next to him, clinging so tightly to the comfort of his arms. i thanked my mother for ironing the dress while i slipped it in. i closed the clasp on my favorite set of pearls as they lay resting on my neck. pushed on the backs to the matching earrings. slipped on my black high heels and grabbed my black sunglasses and wool coat... as i walked out the hotel room, i caught my reflection in the mirror that stopped me dead in my tracks and i thought to myself, 'you were made for this. head up, baby girl... head up.' we buried him him on a wednesday.



grant it, i did not get to the office until noon but it's been two hours and i haven't even logged into my work email to see the massive amounts of crap i need to get done. good thing i only have thirty one days, two hours and forty eight minutes left of this job.


all the things i buy...

in my whirlwind of new change, one of my points is to drink more water. while i work, i had a problem with getting up and walking a mile and a half to the break room to continuously fill up my water bottle. so i thought if i had a little setup at my desk, i would drink my water since it would be at my finger tips. and so far, so good!

the large tumbler above, from Target, is one of two cups i bought to keep the whole thing a bit more visually interesting.

all the things i want...

nicole balch is among a long list of bloggers i visit daily. she is the lovely lady behind Making It Lovely, Pink Loves Brown... and not to forget her own design studio Smart & Lovely. this lady is some busy! anyhow, Pink Loves Brown is her web store where she sells all her cute creations. the bookplate above is my one of my favorites.

... now only if i read books.



midget cowgirl spotted in gruene , texas.

the devil's juice.

the past two nights i have doped up on this nasty elixir and headed off to warm and fuzzy land for 8+ hours of sleep. i made an executive decision earlier sunday evening not to give in to the want of warm and fuzzies for two reasons; 1. i didn't want to be a groggy, drag ass in the morning and 2. i THOUGHT i was feeling better.

i thought wrong.

on this early monday morning, 2:24 in the AM to be exact, i find myself in a pretty shitty predicament... unable to settle the constant stream of consciousness that is rambling on in my head so that i may catch some much needed shut eye.

either i am stressed out to the max or have developed a dependency on cold medicine after only two nights of usage.

i should have just taken the damn drugs.


all the things i want...


my watering hole.

all the things i buy...

i've always loved a good notepad and this Kate Spade Long List pad is my new favorite. probably because i am a list making freak. i make list of chores, errands, blog topics, work projects, creative projects, vacation spots, shopping stops, music wants, movie musts, restaurant recs and so on. if i have time to plan anything, there is a list! As you can see from the side of the pad, the pages are striped yellow and white AND each stripe is numbered... here is a great example of proper use.


by naturemandalas

due to my state of health, i am having the hardest time processing things today. i see and hear and understand all of it but my brain is like, "what am i suppose to do with this crap, make crapade?"

see... not a damn thing makes sense.


hallelujah .

praise the tv gods, it has returned!
or will return... tonight at 9/8 c.

yay me!

last friday i talked about change and trying my hardest not to drink coke, smoke cigarettes and lose a little weight. progress is good.

day: 7
cokes consumed: 0
ciggies smoked: 0
lbs lost: 2


all the things i want...

the crawfish caddy


la pensée de la semaine.

the past couple of weeks i have been balles à la mur with staying focused on getting my head out of my arse and getting down to the nitty gritty with a plan to get to where i wanna go. my heads up, my mind is racing, and i have my eye on the prize. stay focused, monkey... stay focused.

{so yeah, balls to the wall doesn't really translate into french. sorry.}


last night i had a sad dream.

it was an old friend and i. we were fighting over the path our friendship had gone. screaming... not hitting or anything of that sort. and the crazy thing is that it could have been a legitimate fight. the words exchanged between he and i were so real. the words used, the actions made, the sentiments expressed were all extremely palpable. in my dream i felt as if i was in a place i didn't belong.

this is the part in a dream book where it would say...
your conscience is telling you something ... are you getting it?!!... hello?!! anyone there?!!... do you understand or do we need to spell it out for you?!!"
yes! yes! i fucking get it. noted! now back off.

any how, the dream was an exhausting exchange... so exhausting that when i woke up this morning, not only did i have the residual emotions looming within my brain but physically i felt beat... even after 8 hours of sleep. i still have not been able to shake those feelings but i know throughout the day they will drop off one by one.

words can not explain how much i am brokenhearted in losing my friend, my go to guy. i have and will continue to miss, miss, miss him so very much. :*

all the things i buy...

this body butter is the best! my SIL introduced it to me while she was preggers with these beatuies. it is some thick stuff! the shea butter is the thickest in the entire line of The Body Shop Body Butters. the best part about this lotion, it moisturizes for at least 24 hours and you can feel it! use it for a week and you will be able to tell a huge difference in your skin.

warning: i do not recommend using during the humid months in texas... unless you enjoy sweating like a whore in church.

maw-maw II

so the perspective may be off and not to mention the difference of two decades but come on... i told you Ikea went all the way to Latanache Bayou for this picture.