the devil's juice.

the past two nights i have doped up on this nasty elixir and headed off to warm and fuzzy land for 8+ hours of sleep. i made an executive decision earlier sunday evening not to give in to the want of warm and fuzzies for two reasons; 1. i didn't want to be a groggy, drag ass in the morning and 2. i THOUGHT i was feeling better.

i thought wrong.

on this early monday morning, 2:24 in the AM to be exact, i find myself in a pretty shitty predicament... unable to settle the constant stream of consciousness that is rambling on in my head so that i may catch some much needed shut eye.

either i am stressed out to the max or have developed a dependency on cold medicine after only two nights of usage.

i should have just taken the damn drugs.

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Gooseberried said...

I hear this! I called in sick to work this morning. :(