all the things i buy...


working at a beauty supply company has huge perks. i get to try out FANTASTIC {and not so fantastic} products. one thing i have found is the Velvet Molding Gloss by Scruples. The consistency of the product threw me off for a bit... think 'something about mary' and you'll be right on the money. it comes with a little spoon to stir it... that should tell you something! anyhow. i use just a tad bit and smooth it over my hair, making sure to get the ends... run the straightener over one last time and presto... sleek and smooth!

high fivin' fridays

high 5 to eddie for putting my mind at ease.

high 5 for all the firefox addons i discovered this week.

high 5 to my moleskin for being there when i finally had a night of peace and quiet.

high 5 to g-talk for not being shut down by my corporate firewall.

and high 5 to quality seafood for the best tacos at the best price with the best friends.

say what?

who: ryan

said what: "because angry leprechauns pelted you with frozen pixie dust."

in regards to: why i feel like ass after an early evening nap.

all the things i want...

whilst on the search for a new cover for my phone, i remembered i also want a dock.


on my daily search all over etsy.com, i constantly see owls. they are so hoot right now. 



please watch the other adverts... you will chuckle.


leisure suit lily

a friend said she felt discombobulated this morning and this exactly how i'm feeling as well. i'm not on the ball and i feel extremely unorganized and out of sorts, physically and mentally. i need some time to get my mind right. thank goodness tomorrow is friday.



hatch design, out of san fran, set up the sweetest little easter egg coloring contest through their website. i know easter has passed but there are still 4 days left to vote on which egg you think is the golden-est! at the very least check out the design of the website... it's pretty egg-cellent. ;)

la pensée de la semaine

people piss me RIGHT the f**k off! and i, like some, get extremely hot headed and just plain ridiculous about trivial things.... i suppose it is part of life. but i have learned once those stressful situations subside, quite a few people make fools of themselves... i, admittedly, have been this person a few too many times. therefore, i have adopted this old cliche' as my new mantra. i assume it truly works better than just killing them.

all the things i buy...

i l.o.v.e. candles.... but who doesn't?! i once met a guy who had more candles in him home than me, it was a little weird. but i appreciated it. pacifica soy candles are one of my favorite brands of candles. my favorite scent is the tuscan blood orange... when i stick my nose to the candle to smell it, the sweet tartness gets me right in the back of my jaw and it makes my mouth water... it so GOOD!



you know that feeling when you just want to climb into someones arms and let them hold you... squeeze you so tight that you can almost feel the breath being pushed out of you... strip off all the facades we put up along the day and be yourself without judgment...when you get chills but the comforting kind because you're cuddled up all cozy-like... and you can feel all the stuff you've been carrying around on your shoulders all day fall to the floor... and it seems as if you are in the best place in the world... a place that is incredibly safe... you know that feeling?

i miss it.

all the things want...

spring is here and i'm in the mood for dresses.


okay. if you need to smile and giggle a little , then watch this. please. it is just too sweet. it's been circulating for sometime now but i just can't help but to share.

i found it while glancing over one of my favorite photographers blog and she's from austin!... i think she is just amazing.


say what?

who: sister no.1 and me

said what:
sister no.1: we should call oprah!
me: oprah ain't gonna help the white people.*

in regards to: calling in professionals to clean the cluster f**k that is my parents house.**

*i can't believe i used the word ain't.
**sorry, mom.

all the things i buy...

i'm a paper freak... if you haven't noticed that by now then you are obviously not paying attention. i love pretty much everything paper.... from the design of it, to the production, to the packaging. actually i think the packing and marketing of paper products must be my favorite part. my dream is to be surrounded by tons of pretty printed paper. okay, enough of that nonsense...
these little sticky tabs by Bob's Your Uncle make it so much fun to jot down little notes. my co-workers particularly enjoy them when they find the little exclamation point or question mark on files i have gone over. adds a little color to the dullness of the day. AND we all could use a little color!


riddle me this... why do car lots spend their money on ridiculous inflatable giant characters that they sprinkle all over their roof tops? is it to let us know they are open for business?... because the massive amount of identical cars lined up in rows upon rows just doesn't get the job done.


these are the people i love and cherish the most.



by missbeahaven

*a little chick for each member of my family.

i'm off to the coast to spend some holiday time with family and friends. i hope everyone has a great Easter. i may post over the weekend and catch up on my high fivin' fridays and all the things i buy... but it may just depend how much gossip i must catch up on while with the sisters.



i see you.

Blurker (BLUR-kur): n.

1. One who reads many blogs but leaves no evidence of themselves such as comments behind; a silent observer of blogs

2. One who reads many blogs but has no blog of their own; a blog watcher or blog voyeure.


la pensée du jour

by skeletonhands

things never, ok not never, but rarely ever turn out like i would like them. therefore, i now approach things with a stoic demeanor. i must remove the heart from my sleeve. people keep wiping their snotty hands all over it.

say what?

who: jeff

said what: my blog is broken.

in regards to: a web site that contains an online personal journal with reflections, comments, and often hyperlinks provided by the writer -m-w.com


all the things i want...

so i have had it. damn it. i have just HAD IT!

i appreciate the the sleek and non complicated design of the iPhone. not only do i appreciate it, i love it. and i do understand that covering it in some protective rubbery substance defies all that IS the iPhones design. but one thing i appreciate and love more than the design of the iPhone... is my actual iPhone. therefore, i am surrendering to my principals and joining the search for case that will protect my prized play thing. the search has been nothing but annoying. there is not much out there except this Miniot wood case for $115... pretty but too pricey. my search continues.


by matteart

tomorrow at 1:58am, winter will be say farewell until next year and it will be time for all the pretty sweet things of spring... my favorite time of year!

all the things i buy...

me, target, and a friday night make for a bad combination...because i spend too much money on nonsensical things. things like these lovely 'pillers' from target. i try not to buy a lot of things from target because half the USA population will end up having it as well but who freakin' cares when the things are so damn cute! DwellStudios have hopped on Targets mainstream consuming bandwagon and is now gracing our homes with a decoration delight.

what you can't see in the pictures above, is that on the opposite side of each pillow there is a different design or reverse use of color. they are my new favorite items in my apartment at this moment. love, love, love them!


today, i am wearing the sweater i wore when my SBJ and I took our engagement pictures. i think i have only worn this sweater one other time. not because it's special, mainly because the bottom seam rolls up on it's self and i tend not to care much for that type of look. and due to the fluctuating weather that texas is so well known for, it's 50º outside and i'm tired of wearing black... so i picked the green wool sweater from the back of my closet.

while making my rounds this morning at the office, i caught a glimpse of my reflection in a glass door, realized in that moment i was wearing this particular sweater and thought to myself... would james be happy with the person i am today? with the decisions i have made? with the place i am at in my life? i find myself wondering this all the time.

not that i could ever imagine james not liking anyone... though people got on his nerves and he didn't care much for other with snot nose attitudes and a particular guy who persistently tried to court his wife, he got along with everyone. and i mean EVERYONE. so for me to even think that he wouldn't like me today would be silly. but i still think about it.



i have a stack of work sitting right in front of me... it's been sitting there all morning. i don't want to touch it but i know i must. i need focus. FOCUS. FOCUS. FOCUS.

i hate this job.


i love how the coke fizzes up in your mouth after you eat a moon pie. happy things.



by Girlontherocks

Happy Ol' St. Patrick's Day to you and yours! i've been looking forward to this day for sometime now and can't wait to get out of the office. i took a half day so that i could skip around with some family members as we make our way around austin in a pub crawl. wish us luck and happiness on this lovely day!

p.s. happy birthday sister no.1!!

all the things i buy...

here is another thing i didn't actually BUY, it was more or less a gift. actually, no more or less about it... it was a gift. part of a birthday gift from mr.t.

before he broke up with me he must have took a spin on the Dial-An-Excuse because under the "Romantic Rejection" are all the same excuses i was given when he said toodles...

{update.}no need for panties to be in a waded situation... this is me making light of a life experiance. it's just a little ha, ha. a joke.... moving along.


{list of names}{everyone into the cup} {and the winner!}

... and we have a winner of my comment contest!!!! with 7 participants {woo hoo!}, i put every ones name in my trusty mug and drew a name. and the winner is JESSICA!

so along with the yelp hoodie i have been keeping captive at my house, i now owe jessica a $15 iTunes GC! but i will probably just email the the GC as soon I get through with all my job responsibilities today.

anywho... THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU to all who read my daily blog non sense! i appreciate it so much and i hope it's fun for the most part. i know i have boring days. and emotional days. but i also turn out a funny thing here and there... well, at least i hope YOU think so. a little ditty told me i wasn't funny yesterday and it broke my heart... sniff, sniff. ;)



for some of you, i know you could careless but i have been linked by a total stranger!!! {but i still love you, my 5 devoted readers} i found my blog posted on The National Stationary Show Blog under the sidebar "we love our readers and attendees"... how AWESOME is that?!!!

all the things i want...

all the things i want... to give. this would be a great greeting to give a friend or loved one in a time of a much needed hug. i think the right hug can heal a multitude of hurt, stress and frustration; and when accompanied with this little card, the memory is remembered forever in the mind AND forever in the card.

all the things i buy...

let us be honest... for the most part, girls will buy almost any product with a cute name. this is why i think companies like philosophy and opi stay in business, they name their products with playful and interesting names. this makeup optional skincare line is equipped with four products bearing names that add a litte wishful thinking to the process such as purity for the facial cleanser, hope in a jar moisturizer, hope in a tube for eyes and lips, and when hope is not enough anti-aging serum. i have found that this stuff works okay for normal skin but if you have break outs, i have another recommendation but will save that for another time.

high fivin' fridays

high five to DLS Time. because of you, i made it out the house by at least 7:16 each morning, hit no traffic, stopped for breakfast a few times and still pulled into the office by 7:58.

high five to the Pom Tea glass i found in the office kitchen cabinet this week. the glass makes my cokes taste so much better.

high five to Ginny's Little Longhorn. nothing better than a cool texas night at a local dive with awesome friends, live music, cold beers and the best seats in the house... or right outside the front door.

high five to my ROTD at yelp.com. and because of you, i will be enjoying a mighty fine milkshake soon!

and my last high five of the week goes out to my little Bear and Buttons Highsmith. these little ladies light up my life every time i spend time with them.



have you ever picked a fruit or vegetable and thought... i wonder who figured out this was edible?

for instances... i would have loved to see how the situation panned out with the guy who realized that rhubarb is edible... but the leaves are poisonous.



i said if people commented on my posts that i would give away a prize and i stick to my word. but i will give it a few more days for you to pop your head in and say hello! so far, i only have 4 contenders... unfortunately, if you post anonymously i can't give you the prize for obviously reasons. so, leave your name or a pseudo name so i can at least track you down or call you out.

the prize will be a $15 GC from iTunes. i couldn't think of anything else better. and if you don't use itunes, i'll buy you shuffle so you can start using them. haters.


by PressRussa

i was sending out a mass family email today and as i was scrolling through all my contacts, i came across phi_sig64@msn.com. i still have my SBJ's email in my contacts list... BIG. DEEP. BREATH.


all the things i buy...

i've been eyeing this Thomas Paul mouse pad for sometime now. I first saw it at See Jane Work but i sometimes have a hard time paying shipping on small items. but to my luck, i hit up Paper Place this week and found my new treasure. i love it! the epitome of form meeting function.


i'm pretty sure swampy and i are on the same brainwave.

all the things i want...

i need a mouse for my MacBook and though i love my trackpad and it's amazing features... sometimes it would be better to use a mouse for more efficiency on certain projects. i think me and the Mighty Mouse could work well together.


by sadiesez

maybe it's because i live in a great little liberal city, austin, texas. or maybe it is because of my few major life experiences that have given me prescriptive. or maybe it really is because the people of my generation are changing. but why do i get so incredibly offended when people are quick to judge?!

i'll be the first one to poke fun, crack a joke, or make a snide remark at someone else's expense but my comments, complaints or concerns are in no way a judgement call on that persons personality or lifestyle. it's my poor attempt to pull some humor out of my ass and yes it may be bad moral judgement but it's not personal.

i am irritated by those of you who think you are honestly better than me... better than anyone for that matter! why is your life, your issues, your successes, your burdens so much more important than mine. do we not all have to climb something to get to the top... and do we not all fall to the same kind of depths? now, i'm not saying i don't want to hear about your trials and triumphs because i do! i think we gain a little prospective when we truly empathize with our comrades. but respect my stories as well. and don't for one second think you are better than anyone else on this rock because of your experiences. the hills you just ran across may be the next guys mountain that he has to hike up. you may be in a better place in your life than me. you may be on your way to your highest dreams. hell, you might be happy in every single aspect of your world but lets be honest.... they way you treat me... the way you treat others... may need some examining.

and yes, this may be a little bit judgemental on my part but my feelings are hurt that you think so little of me that you treat me this way. when i am shown so little respect, it makes me not want to wish you well, it makes me not want to be happy for you. and to think those feelings about other people is just not right.... it looks like i may have some work to do myself.


Complaints from the Cubicle.

Check out this new site dedicated to listening to and posting your office objections, co-worker criticism, or management moans. The great people at Complaints from the Cubicle are waiting for you to send in your complaints so they can all get a chuckle out of your sad excuse for a work enviornment and share it with the world. Email them at ComplaintsFromTheCubicle@gmail.com. If you're nice, they may even post it anonymously so your ass doesn't get in trouble