Happy B-day, Besty

she's 21 and enjoying every minute of it!
hope this is one of the best birthdays ever, Tobi!
Happy, Happy Birthday!


oh bill...

all the things i want...

by luxedeluxe

ooooh... it's so pretty!

all the things i buy...

for one of the first times ever... function won over form with me! i extend my workspace with an extra display i had laying around because working on a 13 inch screen can be a bit constructing. i had been eying the wireless mac keyboard for sometime but it lacked the 10-key i so frequently find myself needing. i opted for the wired chiclet-like keyboard for two reasons... 1. it was less expensive and 2. i got more keys for my change. though i would have loved it's wireless counterpart, i'm happy with my choice.