it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...


say what?

who: taylor and sister no.2

said what:
taylor: "you can't spell family without lies!'

sister no. 1: "you mean families."

taylor: "oh. right!"

in reagrds to: the lovely family time around the holidays.



some photos from my thanksgiving day at sister no. 1's country cabins.

i started with one...

miss. madison

then the other boots wanted to join in.

those faces...

he is such a ham!

the wainwrights and the rhorers.

she was stealing sips of my soda when she thought i wasn't paying attention.

my favorite days are when she acknowledges that i'm her ge-ge and she loves on me. this day was one of those days.

forcing calan to hangout with me and madi on the hammocks.

total action shot. i was trying to take a picture of the grown one but as always, the little ones stole the show.

but here's his show stopper.

sister no. 1 with her baby no.3



Happy B-day, Besty

she's 21 and enjoying every minute of it!
hope this is one of the best birthdays ever, Tobi!
Happy, Happy Birthday!


oh bill...

all the things i want...

by luxedeluxe

ooooh... it's so pretty!

all the things i buy...

for one of the first times ever... function won over form with me! i extend my workspace with an extra display i had laying around because working on a 13 inch screen can be a bit constructing. i had been eying the wireless mac keyboard for sometime but it lacked the 10-key i so frequently find myself needing. i opted for the wired chiclet-like keyboard for two reasons... 1. it was less expensive and 2. i got more keys for my change. though i would have loved it's wireless counterpart, i'm happy with my choice.



i'm counting down the minutes!


7 miles on 30 minutes.

This is gonna take a while!


the city of league will soon be under mandatory evacuation so i'm outta here. hopefully it won't take me 6 hours to make it the atx.


circe 1954.

if, and that is a BIG if, i attend my high school reunion, there are two separate occasions and i may just wear this little get up to cocktail hour. it's all about the skirt! when it is all on, it looks a little housewifey circa 1954.

all the things i want...

Stork Scissors