all the things i buy...

this honey bee bath bomb is the bees knees! i first discovered this little company Lush while I was in London in '06 and have been on a look out for a local locale for sometime... and just my luck! they opened one in the mall near me only three weeks ago!

word of warning... it does turn your bath water a silly shade of yellow, which some may find a little off, being in the bathroom and all, but with the yummy smells it emits into the air, there is no mistaking this creamy dream of a bath bomb!



oh, how i miss the days in the hamptons.



the office of sweet sassafras.

since i had the camera out and i was taking pictures i thought i would share some things that are my favorites at my desk area.

i heart my pom poms... and i mean the pink ones hanging from my ceiling. when i was at the NSS in may, the booth for martha stewart had their pink poms poms hanging and i do have to say... mine look better! 2 points for me!

next is a votive holder i picked up from target... but i think it works better for a pen holder for now. i love how it reflects what ever colors are in and around it.

do you ever shop at anthropologie? i do! and by shop, i mean try on a ton of things and buy nothing but a candle because that is all i can afford! anthro always smells so yummy and this is the candle they are constantly burning. i love that when i walk into this space, it smells like my favorite shop.

and finally, there are a two things in this picture. 1. my ceramic elephant i picked up at target. i had been eyeing it for a while and then it went on sale! which makes me treasure it even more. 2. my basket of stationery. i have a lot of writing paper and note cards that was in awkward shaped packaging, taking up too much space. i decided to throw out the packaging, which hurt in some cases because some of it was pretty. i then tied each set up with some ribbon and stacked them into a basket. it reminds me to hand write my correspondence... now only if i could work on putting stamps on them and slipping them into the mailbox, i would be getting somewhere!


i finished my DIY project like a week ago but i have been too lazy to take a picture and post it... i have managed to squeeze some work out of me today, so here you go!



here's a hint of my upcoming craft project! i can't wait to share the finished product.

all the things i want...

first and foremost... i would like winter to greet us as soon as possible. and then i can start bundling up in cute sweaters like this!


who knows?


i know it's weak but it's still a hurricane! and people seems to be freaking out around here on the coast. so just in the possibility that things do not go as planned... i'm cutting my work day short and heading home to hunker down. it is always best to be prepared than to the be sorry.

all the things i want...

i mean!!! just how cute is this?! SUPER cute, right?! RIGHT! i'm debating whether or not to grab this up but i can't imagine using it a whole lot because i have a little something called "huge handbag syndrome"... i can never seem to leave home with just my wallet, iPhone and keys. i feel as though i'm leaving a child behind if i don't have my 'in case of an emergency essentials". i'm crazy, i know.

alll the things i buy...

i have a wedding in november that i am coordinating and the colors are plum and ice blue (love the combo) and since the bridesmaids dresses are plum (and i make it a rule never to match the bridesmaids), a plum dress is out of the question! which makes me sad because 1. i love the color and 2. it looks good on me! so i ran across these little cuties at Shi and snatched them up! i've never bought shoes then a dress so this adventure to find a dress may be a little frustrating but i have some time so no worries just yet!

hot tunes.

berbling, me, and budy

i got a last minute call last week from my purdy little friend, budy (pronouced boo-tee), to see if i wanted to join some friends for a john mayer concert in the woodlands... i mean, really, did budy even need to ask?!!! austin friends, john mayer, cynthia woods mitchell pavilion... this would be like asking turk if he wanted another treat even after he had 8... hells to the YEAH!

we had a great time.... even with the long drives, the bad directions, the horrible parking lot, and the dreadful heat! actually once the sun went down and the beers started flowing, it was a great summer evening.

indy enjoyed himself.

frankly, i don't think it gets better than lawn seats.

good vibes coming from the stage.

there where even more people to the right!

and even though i'm pretty sure ditty (and others) are going to pick on me for saying this, i just have to exclaim that i heart john mayer and i'm not alone... me, my two girlfriends and 16,000 other peeps feel the same way.