the office of sweet sassafras.

since i had the camera out and i was taking pictures i thought i would share some things that are my favorites at my desk area.

i heart my pom poms... and i mean the pink ones hanging from my ceiling. when i was at the NSS in may, the booth for martha stewart had their pink poms poms hanging and i do have to say... mine look better! 2 points for me!

next is a votive holder i picked up from target... but i think it works better for a pen holder for now. i love how it reflects what ever colors are in and around it.

do you ever shop at anthropologie? i do! and by shop, i mean try on a ton of things and buy nothing but a candle because that is all i can afford! anthro always smells so yummy and this is the candle they are constantly burning. i love that when i walk into this space, it smells like my favorite shop.

and finally, there are a two things in this picture. 1. my ceramic elephant i picked up at target. i had been eyeing it for a while and then it went on sale! which makes me treasure it even more. 2. my basket of stationery. i have a lot of writing paper and note cards that was in awkward shaped packaging, taking up too much space. i decided to throw out the packaging, which hurt in some cases because some of it was pretty. i then tied each set up with some ribbon and stacked them into a basket. it reminds me to hand write my correspondence... now only if i could work on putting stamps on them and slipping them into the mailbox, i would be getting somewhere!

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