i haven't really been present in the blogosphere for the past few months and for those who care... i apologize. i know most of you could probably give two shoots but i thought i would peek my head up and let those who do pay attention know that i plan to be back in full posting mode come next monday. i'm getting somethings together, pulling my head out of my ass, and refusing to be an e-hermit. so stay tuned for your regularly scheduled programing.... please.

THank yOOu!

all the things i want...

by ornamental things

austin's very own, natalir tischler, is a extremely talented jewelry maker with a great knack for pulling together that eclectic feeling with baubles to wear. i just heart this lucky in love piece. she has a great selection... make sure to check her out!


all the things i buy...

while running an errand in p-ville last week, i came across this little gift shop, oh la la. i'm unable to find a website for it but have hooked you up with the location for now, if any of you locals feel obliged to take a trip over. i was really hoping for a kick-ass candle selection in the side side shop but i was pretty disappointed and wanted to sooth my shopping blues. that is when i stumbled upon this chic canvas bag. a while back, this bag was all the rage because some hottie tottie designer thought up a screened print version. apparently, it wasn't trademarked... i pretty sure they are all over now. but my version was less than $30 and it's embroidered!!! which makes me love it even more.


say what?

who: Lola (my car.) (and yes, she does speak to me. seriously.)

said what:"now showing all CASINO icons"

in regards to: request for fast food icons

... really?!


a to the tx

so i'm on my way into ausitn this afternoon for some partying, a little bridal business, and some much need QT with all those special austinites i hold near and dear to my heart. hold on to your hats, it gonna be a blast!



you know that feeling you get in your stomach when you have to do something you dread or you find yourself in a very uncomfortable situation and want to remove yourself as soon as possible? nervous. anxious. confused.

i have it. it's gross. i want it to go away. i am not quite sure how to do that.


the 4th... on the 8th.

the wainwright cabin.... isn't it patriotic?!

i took a little road trip out to east texas to visit with sister no.1 and her family for the 4th. it was filled with food, fireworks and fun. not much more happened that deserves an epic tale of repeating into the blogosphere so here are some pics of the pretty little kiddos i adore so very much.

this is taylor. i call him tatar tot but not out loud, only in my head. his friends call him kicker, he is the star kicker for the high school football team. i find the name annoying. i will continue to call him tatar tot. but only in my head. he is staying the week with me. oh how i have forgotten the sassiness of a 15 year old teenager.

this is dawson. every so often sister no. 1's husband buzzes all the kids hair. dawson wanted a mohawk. i think he rawks it.... and to give credit where credit is due, taylor sported the mohawk first a few weeks back. he was trying to shock sister no. 1. she held it together pretty well.

here is calan. one day, i want his nick name to be cal. i don't think it will take but one can wish. he has amazing eyes. i tell sister no. 1 that he will be her rock star, not like mick jagger rock star more like kick ass and take names rock star... not that the other kids won't do amazing things but i think calan will be the one that changes the world.

and finally. i posted about madison a few days ago. she is still our princess. and will be until the end of days. she is just too much! all of sister no.1 kids have been tiny little things... you could pick them all up and swing them around with your pinkie finger. but not madison. she is solid. solid as a rock! lord knows she needs to be with three older brothers. oh i love her so.


all the things i want...

via postsecret

freak out.

saturday morning i woke up to quiet. complete and utter stillness. if you know the pup pictured above... you know this is an odd occurrence. with this awkward feeling that something wasn't right, i jumped up and found turk laying beside the bed on a pile of clothes. with a sigh of relief, i begin to leave my bedroom and walk to the stairs to find the other canine half of my morning alarm that had failed to go off. not finding gauge at first glance, i turned back to notice turk not following in my foot steps. i went back into my room finding him still laying in my pile of clothes. he stood up on his front legs with his ears straight back. i thought to myself... HOLD THE PHONE. something is terribly wrong here. when the most energetic dog in the world is not up and at 'em at the crack of dawn, we have a problem. i called turk over to me and with a one-two step with his hind legs, his bum fell flat to the floor.... he tried again and it was a no go. I was scared out of my mind!!! TurkieLeg's legs weren't working!

after about an hour of rubbing his legs, calling around to professionals, praying to james, and crying some tears i decided to set him up on my bed and keep him off his legs for the day. i have never seen turk down for the count... even when his little boys were removed he was still pretty energetic and aware. but saturday, he was a completely different dog. he slept the entire day except for when i would leave his side. he cried when he couldn't see me. and he whimpered when gauge would leave the room. i was fearful that he would never be able to walk on his own again.... images of turk in a doggie wheelchair raced across my mind... have we talked about dramatic i can be at times? here would be a perfect example.

anyhow... at about 6pm, turk woke up from a nap, heard the front door open, bounded up and barreled down the stairs and straight out the door... like nothing had ever been wrong. I MEAN!

sometimes... i want to ring his little neck.


all the things i want...

traditional home

seriously.... i'm not even kidding.