the 4th... on the 8th.

the wainwright cabin.... isn't it patriotic?!

i took a little road trip out to east texas to visit with sister no.1 and her family for the 4th. it was filled with food, fireworks and fun. not much more happened that deserves an epic tale of repeating into the blogosphere so here are some pics of the pretty little kiddos i adore so very much.

this is taylor. i call him tatar tot but not out loud, only in my head. his friends call him kicker, he is the star kicker for the high school football team. i find the name annoying. i will continue to call him tatar tot. but only in my head. he is staying the week with me. oh how i have forgotten the sassiness of a 15 year old teenager.

this is dawson. every so often sister no. 1's husband buzzes all the kids hair. dawson wanted a mohawk. i think he rawks it.... and to give credit where credit is due, taylor sported the mohawk first a few weeks back. he was trying to shock sister no. 1. she held it together pretty well.

here is calan. one day, i want his nick name to be cal. i don't think it will take but one can wish. he has amazing eyes. i tell sister no. 1 that he will be her rock star, not like mick jagger rock star more like kick ass and take names rock star... not that the other kids won't do amazing things but i think calan will be the one that changes the world.

and finally. i posted about madison a few days ago. she is still our princess. and will be until the end of days. she is just too much! all of sister no.1 kids have been tiny little things... you could pick them all up and swing them around with your pinkie finger. but not madison. she is solid. solid as a rock! lord knows she needs to be with three older brothers. oh i love her so.

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Swampy said...

that cabin looks nice - i'm way into cabins, i don't think you know that about me. can i have that little girl and tell people she's my kid and get her to call me mama. she's freakin' adorable.