Are they real?

while watching the morning news today with my sweetie, Mr. T, and eating my delicious toast honey oats... Hillary Clinton popped up on the tellie and i thought to myself, "I wonder if those pearls are real?"
would you want a president who wore fake pearls... i know i wouldn't.


I have had an epiphany!

i've realized i have an "O! so small" tendency to over react to every emotional situation i come in contact with. surprise! surprise! right?! some might call me a bit dramatic...i call it passion!

*stepping off of soapbox #1 and moving to soapbox #2*

life is too short to live without passion, you know?! i don't get why people sit and twiddle there figures and let life pass them right by. it's so frustrating! where's the passion, the drive to build a life, the ambition to make yourself better, the want to give the people in your life what they need and want to make them happy!?!?! grant it, i'm not doing much at this point in my life (there's this unspecified time for grieving i'm still trying to figure out) but i'm trying. i trying to love my family and friends as much as i can, which is alot btw! and i'm trying to have a good time in the process but always in the back of my mind i'm also prepping and planning.... making sure the decisions i make today will only help me in the future not hinder me today or tomorrow. i try my hardest to let the people in my life know how much i love them and care for them because if it was all over for me tomorrow, they would know without a doubt that i love them with all my heart. that's my thing; i don't love half ass, i love whole hearted. and that tends to get me into some trouble. BUT if there's anything i've learned in my short 26 years of life, it's that life goes on and things will always get better. So love with all your might because that's all we really have to give others. all the other stuff means nuthin'!

*stepping off of soapbox #2 returning to soapbox #1*

i digress from my point of being emotionally dramatic... i mean passionate. Sooo, when i have my little emotional break downs and flip outs or get over excited about a little text message from a certain someone. i need to step back... wait a good half hour...come down from my high horse... and take 10 deeps breaths! I always realize that after the fact...after the blowing things out of proportion and acting like a total tard! and i can't take back all the stupid reactions i have....ugh! I'M SUCH A GIRL! ladies out there... do you ever have those moments? the moments where you can actually see yourself acting like that "stupid girl". The "stupid girl" you try your hardest not to be because you try to be the "cool girl". Yeah, i've been having those moments alot lately and it's no bueno. BTW, Not that i have to try to be the cool girl, cause i am... i just have to try at not being that "stupid girl".

Therefore, (raising my right)
I, Pearl Girl, pledge not to be an over reacting-irrational-basket case like-stupid girl-retard!

but i stand by what i say about being passionate about my life. so if i do over react and become a little irrational and act like a tard, i'll own it! no big deal! it only means i have fire in my belly and an umph for life! so if you don't like it or can't handle it...get to steppin'! there are plenty of people in my world that choose to be around me because i'm kicking Life right in the ass! So Suck It!
spank you very much and have a tantalizing day!

*stepping off of soapbox #1 and walking away with my head held high...