hot tunes.

berbling, me, and budy

i got a last minute call last week from my purdy little friend, budy (pronouced boo-tee), to see if i wanted to join some friends for a john mayer concert in the woodlands... i mean, really, did budy even need to ask?!!! austin friends, john mayer, cynthia woods mitchell pavilion... this would be like asking turk if he wanted another treat even after he had 8... hells to the YEAH!

we had a great time.... even with the long drives, the bad directions, the horrible parking lot, and the dreadful heat! actually once the sun went down and the beers started flowing, it was a great summer evening.

indy enjoyed himself.

frankly, i don't think it gets better than lawn seats.

good vibes coming from the stage.

there where even more people to the right!

and even though i'm pretty sure ditty (and others) are going to pick on me for saying this, i just have to exclaim that i heart john mayer and i'm not alone... me, my two girlfriends and 16,000 other peeps feel the same way.

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