{list of names}{everyone into the cup} {and the winner!}

... and we have a winner of my comment contest!!!! with 7 participants {woo hoo!}, i put every ones name in my trusty mug and drew a name. and the winner is JESSICA!

so along with the yelp hoodie i have been keeping captive at my house, i now owe jessica a $15 iTunes GC! but i will probably just email the the GC as soon I get through with all my job responsibilities today.

anywho... THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU to all who read my daily blog non sense! i appreciate it so much and i hope it's fun for the most part. i know i have boring days. and emotional days. but i also turn out a funny thing here and there... well, at least i hope YOU think so. a little ditty told me i wasn't funny yesterday and it broke my heart... sniff, sniff. ;)


jessica said...

OMG!!! This is hilarious. I love the pictures! You don't have to get me the iTunes card-just getting my name drawn and the privalege of reading your blog is a prize in itself. Yes! I'm a winner!

Swampy said...


C said...

I read this blog everyday... I'm just bad at commenting.

I'll take Jessica's iTunes gift card.

jessica said...

Do not give Cody my gift card. I earned it.

PearlGirl said...

tobi, the ballot box was stuff! so you are right calling bullshit!

and cody... if you would have participated like i said, maybe you would have got your name in the mug!!!
next time, and there will be a next time, your will name will be entered now!!!!