today, i am wearing the sweater i wore when my SBJ and I took our engagement pictures. i think i have only worn this sweater one other time. not because it's special, mainly because the bottom seam rolls up on it's self and i tend not to care much for that type of look. and due to the fluctuating weather that texas is so well known for, it's 50ยบ outside and i'm tired of wearing black... so i picked the green wool sweater from the back of my closet.

while making my rounds this morning at the office, i caught a glimpse of my reflection in a glass door, realized in that moment i was wearing this particular sweater and thought to myself... would james be happy with the person i am today? with the decisions i have made? with the place i am at in my life? i find myself wondering this all the time.

not that i could ever imagine james not liking anyone... though people got on his nerves and he didn't care much for other with snot nose attitudes and a particular guy who persistently tried to court his wife, he got along with everyone. and i mean EVERYONE. so for me to even think that he wouldn't like me today would be silly. but i still think about it.

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