all the things i buy...

me, target, and a friday night make for a bad combination...because i spend too much money on nonsensical things. things like these lovely 'pillers' from target. i try not to buy a lot of things from target because half the USA population will end up having it as well but who freakin' cares when the things are so damn cute! DwellStudios have hopped on Targets mainstream consuming bandwagon and is now gracing our homes with a decoration delight.

what you can't see in the pictures above, is that on the opposite side of each pillow there is a different design or reverse use of color. they are my new favorite items in my apartment at this moment. love, love, love them!

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jessica said...

I absolutely adore these pillows! First of all I'm a sucker for anything with birds images. Second, the others remind me of Jonathon Adler pillows...very chic!