by sadiesez

maybe it's because i live in a great little liberal city, austin, texas. or maybe it is because of my few major life experiences that have given me prescriptive. or maybe it really is because the people of my generation are changing. but why do i get so incredibly offended when people are quick to judge?!

i'll be the first one to poke fun, crack a joke, or make a snide remark at someone else's expense but my comments, complaints or concerns are in no way a judgement call on that persons personality or lifestyle. it's my poor attempt to pull some humor out of my ass and yes it may be bad moral judgement but it's not personal.

i am irritated by those of you who think you are honestly better than me... better than anyone for that matter! why is your life, your issues, your successes, your burdens so much more important than mine. do we not all have to climb something to get to the top... and do we not all fall to the same kind of depths? now, i'm not saying i don't want to hear about your trials and triumphs because i do! i think we gain a little prospective when we truly empathize with our comrades. but respect my stories as well. and don't for one second think you are better than anyone else on this rock because of your experiences. the hills you just ran across may be the next guys mountain that he has to hike up. you may be in a better place in your life than me. you may be on your way to your highest dreams. hell, you might be happy in every single aspect of your world but lets be honest.... they way you treat me... the way you treat others... may need some examining.

and yes, this may be a little bit judgemental on my part but my feelings are hurt that you think so little of me that you treat me this way. when i am shown so little respect, it makes me not want to wish you well, it makes me not want to be happy for you. and to think those feelings about other people is just not right.... it looks like i may have some work to do myself.


Swampy said...

You could just tell me that you hate me.

PearlGirl said...

fine. i hate you. ;)

Swampy said...

F. U.