high fivin' fridays

high five to DLS Time. because of you, i made it out the house by at least 7:16 each morning, hit no traffic, stopped for breakfast a few times and still pulled into the office by 7:58.

high five to the Pom Tea glass i found in the office kitchen cabinet this week. the glass makes my cokes taste so much better.

high five to Ginny's Little Longhorn. nothing better than a cool texas night at a local dive with awesome friends, live music, cold beers and the best seats in the house... or right outside the front door.

high five to my ROTD at yelp.com. and because of you, i will be enjoying a mighty fine milkshake soon!

and my last high five of the week goes out to my little Bear and Buttons Highsmith. these little ladies light up my life every time i spend time with them.


Swampy said...

just so you know, this whole post made my day

PearlGirl said...

and that makes mine!!!!