last night i had a sad dream.

it was an old friend and i. we were fighting over the path our friendship had gone. screaming... not hitting or anything of that sort. and the crazy thing is that it could have been a legitimate fight. the words exchanged between he and i were so real. the words used, the actions made, the sentiments expressed were all extremely palpable. in my dream i felt as if i was in a place i didn't belong.

this is the part in a dream book where it would say...
your conscience is telling you something ... are you getting it?!!... hello?!! anyone there?!!... do you understand or do we need to spell it out for you?!!"
yes! yes! i fucking get it. noted! now back off.

any how, the dream was an exhausting exchange... so exhausting that when i woke up this morning, not only did i have the residual emotions looming within my brain but physically i felt beat... even after 8 hours of sleep. i still have not been able to shake those feelings but i know throughout the day they will drop off one by one.

words can not explain how much i am brokenhearted in losing my friend, my go to guy. i have and will continue to miss, miss, miss him so very much. :*


Swampy said...

phew... thank gawd it wasn't about me. can you imagine us ever fighting? maybe in your effing dreams.

PearlGirl said...

the only things i could ever imagine us fighting over are who is the bigger NKOTB fan or who gets next on the drums, guitar, or mic.