high fivin' friday

yeah... i drew this and then took a picture with my camera phone, what?!... i'm trying to be resourceful.

here we go! i haven't done this in a few weeks so here's a treat.

high five to my old sport Gauge for eating all the crickets that infiltrate the house. He's the best! (and he doesn't eat my shoes.)

my DVR deserves a high five for pausing on this CiCi's moment JUUUST right!

ever been to el salvador and back to austin in less than a hour and a half?... doubt it! i have. that's why Swampy, Jessica, Codelyn and myself deserve a high five!

high five to a perfect day. if only they weren't so few and far between.

and the last high five of the week goes to my blog... Happy One Year!


fnp cook said...

hey, umm you got a little ranch there..yeah..in the corner...yeah..your looking at it...WIPE IT OFF BIATCH

PearlGirl said...

ok... so at first i thought this was some drunken comment from kris because i saw the comment thru email on my phone and it was totally out of context.

then, i realized what it was about and fell off couch from laughing so hard.

yes, i know. i.am.lame.