yay me!

last friday i talked about change and trying my hardest not to drink coke, smoke cigarettes and lose a little weight. progress is good.

day: 7
cokes consumed: 0
ciggies smoked: 0
lbs lost: 2


madelyn said...

Yay! Great job. It is always nice to see progress on goals you make and keep! You're awesome!

Baconator said...

Yes, great job. Keep up the good work!

jessica said...

You go girl! That is so hard to do! Keep it up!

Swampy said...

i love this entry... it's very bridget jones-ish

Swampy said...

oh and Keep up the good work!

PearlGirl said...

thanks for the support guys!

and on the bridget jones-ish thing... i realized after i posted this that is sounded like her and was hoping no one noticed. but i was wrong. awww nuts.