yay me! III

this one's for you, erika g.

i've been dreading this update.

okay, okay, okay... so this week has not been a good one. it hasn't been bad, i've had worse, but it hasn't been great. i've had awkward moments all over the place and i'm very close to shutting myself off from the outside world for a few days. but i won't. so here we go...

day: 21
cokes consumed: 1
ciggies smoked: 1 {from prior weeks} , 10{ this week} {yikes!}
lbs lost: 5.5 total {i'm having trouble getting over this hump}

1 comment:

Swampy said...

whatever... you are still doing good. i know you are trying to make positive changes in your life, but i still consider it a good thing that you are not a crackwhore, i mean it really could be so much worse if you really think about it. your bad habits are really not that bad (neither are mine). there you go. ramen noodle perspective.