mother and myself.

i'm jet setting off to NYC in three weeks! holla'!

at first, swampy and i were going to take the trip together but due to an unforeseen scheduling conflict, she can not accompany me. for this, i am so incredibly sad. i think my trip with swampy would have been such amazing fun! but we will just have to plan for another trip, at another time!

with my anxiousness growing to set out on a trip alone to THE big city, i honestly was a tad bit excited to do it on my own. i'm going for business, as well as pleasure, so the majority of my days could have been filled with me roaming rows upon rows of vendors set up at the convention center. which i know it doesn't sound exciting, but for this paper freak... it's like a dream land!... of stationery and wrapping paper and invitations and pens and party supplies and knick knacks and patty whacks and... okay, sorry if i got lost for a second. back to the point. so the thought of doing this alone was a little invigorating. BUT! at the same time, kind of boring and a little sad. it's always fun to share fun experiences with someone in your life. and i wanted someone to shop with, and eat with, and see the big city lights with. and it doesn't hurt to have someone that takes decent pictures.

well, my mother called me on tuesday night. she told me that she was asking off work to go with me to NYC... hold. the. phone.

excuse me! i'm sorry, i didn't hear her correctly... i thought she said she was asking off work?! my mother doesn't ask off of work. my mother is a work horse. my mother hasn't been out of the tri-state area since '96. and now, not only is she taking 2 or 3 planned days off of work but she is going to take a plane. to a city she has never been to before... WTF?! this is freaking me out.

but she was fo' reals, yo! my mother and myself are taking a trip TOGETHER! just me and her... she and i. THIS, has never happened. wait, it has... but that was under the worse circumstances of my life, so that doesn't count. anyhow, i am super STOKED about this. there are so many pros to this situation that i've ran out of fingers and toes counting them.

she asked where we were staying and when i told her... she said she wasn't familiar with The W. i told her, " it's no Holiday Day Inn, mom."

this is going to be fun... i hope she can keep up!

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Swampy said...

while I am still sad I am not going, I'm incredibly happy for you and your mom getting to spend that kind of qt together.