Indy's Debut

i've been trying to come up with something clever to post but it's just not coming to me... call it writers block or call it exhaustion.

here's the just...
1. you'll never guess where i'm at?! New York City! {surprised?! yeah, me too!!}
2. i've been here for one day and have posted pictures here. go head, click the link... i know you wanna see!
3. also, if you are not aware. swampy and i have a mobile blog, Girls On Blogs. I've been posting pictures on there as well.
4. my swell friend, dr. bruce, gave me a rockin' little toy to trek the streets of NYC with... Indiana Jones is my new side kick! he made his debut at Red House Lounge on friday night. he's a suacey little guy.

1 comment:

jessica said...

Indie sat on my lap while you were out smoking.