i said good day!

sometime in the first few days at this job, i drew this little guy to make me smile every morning when i sat down at my desk because i dreaded this place so so very much. he's stuck with me... through the boredom, the tears, the laughs and the annoying coworkers who would ask such stupid questions about him. {doesn't everyone have a work buddy? jeez.} he's been my monday to friday, 8am to 5pm rock. and now it's time for he and i to hit the road.

the personal files have been loaded to my flash drive, all my cookies have been deleted, the speakers and headphones are wrapped up, my extra stash of snacks have be thrown to the scavengers, i've hidden my favorite pens in my purse, trashed all the paperwork covering my work surface, my watering hole has been disassembled, and all my paper goodies are stashed away in my satchel. the desk is clean. the office is quiet. and bitches... i'm outta here!!!

tallyho armstrong mccall...tallyho!


jessica said...

Yay! Congrats!

Swampy said...

hands down my favorite post on this blog so far.