light bulb.

the light bulb in my closet went out... like a month ago. yet i have not changed it. why? because i am lazy. plain and simple.

by Scenicartisans

so this weekend, the cleaning bug bit me and i was off. doing loads and loads of laundry. dusting. vacuuming. carpet cleaning and attempting to change that damn light bulb. i grabbed the tallest thing in my apartment, which is a bar stool and started to climb. WTF! I'm too short. i can't reach the light bulb. the fist thought i have is 'if i had a man in my life, all i would have to do is ask him'. then... i emotionally fell apart.

moments like these are moments where i hate my situation. i get extremely angry that things in my life are no where near where i want them to be.

then.. i wiped the tears away, stopped feeling sorry for myself, and went to target to buy a step ladder.

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