i've never been good at dating. in high school i had a boyfriend for 2 years and when i wasn't with him, there was this one guy, who i was head over hills for. after high school, i meet The Fireman... who was not a fireman at the time but now is... and we were together for 3 years. I then left The Fireman to be with My SBJ, who i was with for 5 years, and we all know how that ended. After My SBJ passed away, I met Mr. T who devastatingly crushed my heart and my soul.

so now i have been left to survive the dating pool... a shallow yet crowd pool of fellows who have left me bored and annoyed. if i'm attracted to them, they have no job or not spunk. if they are witty and fun, i'm not physically attracted to them. and overall these guys are just not jazzy. not interesting. not exciting. i'm bored. it sucks. i'm out.

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