a walk in the park.

literally... i had a walk in the park! and it was fantastic! i noticed the other morning that the temperature has been dropping a significant 10 degrees so i thought it would be a perfect time to get outdoors and experience some urban area parks. i snatched up my quilt, packed a few things for entertainment, stopped off at whole foods for some eats, and headed to downtown houston for a walk in a park and a day under a tree.

here's my spread. after i snacked on my good eats for a while and took in the scenery, i pulled out my pedicure set and painted my toes.... nothing better than natural light!

there wasn't much foot traffic tracing around since it was a work day but i was lucky enough to catch the sight of two grown men walking around calling out for the squirrels and blue jays to feast from the two big buckets of peanuts they lugged around. the squirrels would eat it right out the mens hand and the blue rays would swoop down to catch the peanuts thrown up into the air. it was a great sight! i sure did get a tickle out of it. after the men left, i threw some pieces of bread out to see if i could get any takers and sure enough, i did!

after play time with the wild life... i kicked back and read for a while.
...it was such a lovely afternoon.

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