saturday night lights.

my first time witnessing family and football.

i grew up in a football house. i've been watching football since i can remember.

my parents worked the LSU football games every saturday when we lived in baton rouge. my sisters and i would tune in to watch the game, hoping to catch a glimpse of our dad standing on the 50 yard line in death valley.

when i was in high school, i was on the drill team for a few years and then on the cheer leading squad. i watched football every friday night from the stands or the side lines.

i now gather in local bars, get comfy on the couch, or if i'm lucky actually get invited to a Texas game to watch those guys in tights take on the top colleges fighting it out on the field.

i have even had boyfriends and friends take the field week after week. i've watched them get slammed around, laid out and hell, i've even been taken down by a close friend while standing on the side lines cheering on my own team....

but for the love of God! When that first tackle made contact with Taylor after he kicked off on saturday night, i didn't know whether to jump down 23 rows of benches and over a fence to beat the crap out of that kid who laid taylor out, say a pray for taylor to to get up, or stay calm and keep my composer. i took a queue from my seasoned sister and remained calm... fighting back the tears of worry and at the same time tears of pride. i love that kid. i don't think he'll ever know how much he means to our family and how proud we are that he's such a good kid!

No. 22

the game went on for the woodville eagles to take the win. i later talked to taylor about the game and asked him if he ever gets nervous or hesitant when he gets on the field. he said, 'i get butterflies when i take the field but once the play starts the adrenaline kicks in and i love it!' i told him not to forget that in the office season when he gets down and out... remember how it feels when you play under those friday night lights... play for that! he replied 'but ge-ge i'm playing for those saturday night lights in death valley.' shoot for the stars, kid... shoot for the stars!

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