i suppose someone was not happy with my state of mind when i came home early sunday morning. this is what i found late sunday morning when i woke up, not even 7 hours later. how in the hell? oh, and yes... turk arranged them in a neat and orderly fashion.

surprisingly i didn't beat him... surprisingly! i calmly went to the storage closet, took out his crate, and reintroduced him to his chambers. torture of the long and mental kind is what i prefer. he has done some shit in the past but come on!!! never has the little bastard open my closet door, jump up on the shelf, pop open his choice of plastic boxes, drag out my favorite shoes, and chomp down on some ta$ty leather.

but as a mother does, i looked pass his faults, mistakes, and bad choices and cuddle up on the sofa with him all day.

upside? i get to go shopping!!!

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Swampy said...

holy hell! you handled that a lot better than I would have!