not so high fivin' friday

let me start this off the way my happy friday started off... with a SLAP in the face from some disgruntle customer service associate at the local (Braker & 183) HEB. go get your own high five from someone who cares.

no high five for my damn hair dryer and it's plug for getting crushed somewhere, somehow along the way.

and another not so high five to my flat iron that crapped out on me TODAY ... and just the other night i was talking to foodporncess about it's spectacualrness.

lexus of austin does not get my high five this week because no one has called me back about my scheduled appointment for tomorrow.

and i know how much we all love and covet TM, but damn the timing of my wifi subscription running out. this was the straw that broke the camels back this week. with rent, car maintenance, car insurance, gas, bills, food, and on and on... i had to bust out the debit card for another effing thing. NO high five for you, time warner.

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