a little explanation of why the certain someone at HEB can....
by spidercamp

i was returning a rug doctor this morning because the sweet young man who helped me yesterday said i could return it when the customer service desk was not open, that anyone could help me out.

SO... i left my place super early this morning to swing by the HEB and return what is rightfully theirs. on entering the grocery store, i had not one... not two... not three... but four people tell me i would have to return the rug doctor when the customer service desk was opened. i explained to them, calmly, that i was told otherwise. AND that i was there now. with this huge machine.... so could someone please help me... please.

apparently, someone fetched another employee who came out of some office with a puzzled look on her face, as if i was crazy. observing this, i simply said, pleading... "could someone help me? the book (where i have to sign the machine back in) is kept right there in that drawer... could someone please..." and then i was rudely interrupted with a , ' I KNOW where the book is kept, YOU do NOT need to tell me."

uh... my bad... but wait... hold the fucking phone... did a MANAGER just speak to me in that tone? all sense of calm left my body at that moment.

i kindly replied, "um, you DO work in the customer service business, right? wow, you could have fooled me!"

she continued, "yes, but i KNOW where the book is. thank you."

"no. thank you. i truly appreciate you being rude to me... truly. this has been such a wonderful experience with great employees at my local HEB. "

happy friday people.

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Swampy said...

i love that picture so much. so much.