{rant and rave pendent. click to zoom in.}

i don't even know where to begin this morning...
i hate mondays. they are the bain of my existence. i pray for the day where i enjoy waking up and going to work on a monday morning, or every morning for that fact. if i had one life dream, i think that would most defiantly be it. yep, pretty sure that's it. but until i make that come to fruition, i am here at my current job which isn't THAT bad. due to the monsoon rains pouring down on me this morning when i exited my vehicle at the office, my hair was drenched. perk numero uno for working at a beauty supply company... hair dryers, straighteners, brushes and products galore! i think my hair looks better now than when i left the house. see... i just pulled out the silver lining on my rainy day cloud! awww...

moving on.
i really hate PC's. i told myself i would never be one to rant on about the pc vs mac debate because really, it's so effing annoying but g.d. if pc's don't make it so easy to hate them. all i really want are my widgets. okay, that's a lie. i want my faster processor, my larger memory space, my prettier display, and my fun and easy apps. i want to be able to work on my mac all day, everyday instead of this craptatic p.o.s.

i miss my family. it always happens this way... i am going to visit next weekend for Easter but i want to go this weekend. i miss hanging out with my sisters. even though since sister no. 1 moved to the middle of nowhere and sister no. 2 is busy busy busy selling properties, we really don't spend that much time together when we do visit. and i miss my parents. sometimes, it's incredibility frustrating to have conversations with my father because it's the same trivial topics or he takes FOREVER to get his point across and i get irritated. but i enjoy it when all is said and done. and my mom. God love her. i wish i knew what made my mother happy. because then i would do it. every day.

and finally.
something has got to give. i have been struggling with making a change but yet have made no decisions to do so. i hate to say it but i am scared of failing. and know everyone is but i don't want to be scared. i want to be fierce. not tranny fierce. just fierce with a dash of hot mess. one day peeps... one day.


Tobes said...

Personally, I think you need Jesus.

PearlGirl said...

Baby Jesus or Adult Jesus?

Tobes said...

little baby jesus