when i walked into my office this morning and turned on the light... i found the best surprise EVER. a very LARGE chai vanilla latte. i almost cried due to my physical tiredness, mental angst of my job and sweetness of this gesture. a new co-worker showed her appreciation for my kindness in showing her the ropes and giving her the lowdown of the office gossip by buying me a coffee. so sweet.

i never NEVER drink that much coffee, if that's what you call it, but i've almost downed the entire cup. "hello walls! i will be bouncing off of you all day. thanks in advance. i'm glad we had this talk."

p.s.- seriously, how cute is this coffee cup sleeve?!


Tobes said...

sometimes... sometimes, people can be awesome

PearlGirl said...

my problem is, i expect them to be awesome. and then, i am disappointed. boo.

tobes pretty awesome.