by EmptyGeorge

today i feel like no one likes me. i sound like a total 4th grader, i know. but in the past 48 hours i've been dissed by old classmates from ten years ago, ignored by old friends, snubbed by new ones, and not defended by my confidant. my co-workers are acting strange. i think a girlfriend is irritated with me and there is a boy that i wouldn't mind if he called me. i miss that one person who i can talk to about everything and not be judged for anything. i feel i'm honest with people. and nice to people but i constantly question people's loyalty. i don't think alot of people know what it truly means be loyal. it scares me. i want to trust people, put my faith in them. but people are harsh for stupid reasons and it gets a little ridiculous. i'm just having an off day. later will be better. until then, i hope someone acts like they like me.

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Swampy said...

bitch, you better not had been talking about me in this post