when things go round and round in my head, i write. for me it is like expressing the demons of my mind. now, i never said i was good or funny or prolific at writing. i'm just me. apparently some love that.... and obviously some do not. but this is the reason why i blog. until now i have not shared my blog with people who are close to me and i have done this for many reasons... the main reasons are as follows:

1. i want to be honest with myself. if i know there is a possibiliy that someone is reading this, i have a tendency to censor myself. i don't want y'all to think i'm crazy. which takes me to my next reason.

2. i don't want y'all to think i'm crazy. or worry. swampy said it best, " i don't want to read your blog and have to call you up and ask if you're cutting yourself again." by all means she was kidding but i know my friends love me and care for me and i don't want my peeps to worry.

3. i have been depressed on the inside for the past few month and my inner thoughts have not been happy and unfortunatly my inner thoughts explode here. therefore, who wants to read this crap... i know i wouldn't want to read some debbie downer blog about boys and bullshit.

so moving onward and upward!!!! i am finally sharing with others as of today... or tomorrow. there will be a few edits, of course, but not many. i read back over some post and there are some points that are pretty low so i'm quite nervous about putting it out there but i am secure enough in my own emotions to own them, afterall it is me! i only ask you not to judge.

and with that... i hope i've reached a turning point to add some sizzle to this place. some sunshine and some laughs!

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**Swampy's first appearance in Adverntures of PearlGirl**