nie nie

i came across stephanie nielsons blog about two weeks ago when another blogger posted about a horrible accident that had occurred August 16th, 2008. for the next few hours i was completely engaged in the nie nie dialogues. i was consumed by how much this young woman was madly in love with her husband. emotions ran over me as it pulled up wonderful memories and horrible heartbreak that i feel for my sbj. not only is she a loving wife but a dotting mother of 4... at 27! simply amazing. i think that is why she has captivated me and thousands more. her simplicity.

since i have become of aware the nielsons, i lay awake at night thinking of them and their family and what they must be going through. and i wake up wondering how they are coping and what changes have occurred. i pray that the family is not bestowed with the job of grieving, knowing the toll that it will take on the family is weighing heavily on my heart. i pray one day they will be able to rejoice when stephanie and her husband, christian, can join the family that adores them to the ends of the earth.

since the accident, stephanie and her husband are both in a burn unit in mesa, az. while their children are being taken care of by a wonderful community of siblings who reside in utah. i encourage you to read stephanie's story and then read what a wonderful and amazing job her family is doing from her sister's, jane, point of view.

since the accident, the family has been bombarded with a huge amount of love from their local community and to much of their surprise, the blogging community. efforts are being pulled together to support this gracious family in their time of need. i encourage you to read about all of it. and maybe you too will feel what i felt and send your support as well.

it's inspiring to see what people will do. INSPIRING.

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