okay, okay.... so i have jumped on the cupcake craze! i know, i'm a little behind but it's frickin' cupcakes... it's not like it's a new discovery or something. i picked up this cookbook at WS about two weeks ago and while i don't exactly need recipes for cakes in cups, i was interested in the clever combos they had come with from rocky road to jumbo malted chocolate chip cupcakes.

for labor day, the roberts had a little get together and i made tiramisu mini cupcakes.... not be best attempt but hey! it gives room for improvement!

my first faux pas was the mini idea. there is alot going on with this cupcake so i think you need a lot of cake to make it work.

my next uh-oh was that i used silicon liners. while they are amazing, i needed a paper liner for this sweet treat. you are suppose to inject the cupcake with a liquor/coffee mixture and with no liner on the cup, the cake doesn't hold as much as it should.

my last oh-no was the frosting or lack there of.... i'm not sure if the marscapone mixture was suppose to be a glaze or a frosting.(btw 'cupcakes', that is what's in your freezer in the throw away container. dispose of it as you wish.) there are no egg whites in the recipe so i'm guessing a glaze. and i'm not liking that so much so i think i'm going to fluff it up some way.

i'm going to attempt another batch but make them full size and go about the drenching and frosting a liiiiitle bit differently. and maybe add a something to kick it up. stay turned for how they turn out.... i know you are all holding your breath in anticipation.

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jessica said...

I thought those cupcakes tasted delicious! I think I ate about half a dozen of them.