i haven't been up to much these day. i've been trying to lock myself in my room and force my hand at getting the nitty gritty, bore my face off, rather shoot myself in the foot for entertainment, stuff out of way so i can jump to oh! so glorious fun part of starting a business. the lock on the door works from the inside, therefore... not much forcing going on. but i was witness to one of the most dramatic temper tantrums this weekend while swimming with sister no.1 and her litter of kiddos. i wonder where in the world could she have ever gotten that kind of temper.... we are such a quiet and calm family!! (in another galaxy far, far away.)

ms. madison, our pretty, pretty princess.

i just had to snap a picture! she will hate me in 15 years because of this photo. but i will love her for.ever.

update: so i felt like a bad a gi-gi for posting a not so lovely picture of madison. so here... i must do her justice.

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