ode to swampy

i've been waiting for the right time to do this and i think it will begin right... about... NOW!

have you ever met someone that has been your saving grace? i have. there are only a few people in my life that i can truly say have helped changed my path for the better and one of those special people is swampechaun herself. i can not express the love i have for this friend i like to call my besty.

plain and simple, this lady has been there for me when it seemed that the world had pulled the rug out from under me. she has sat and cried with me. she has held my hand. she has has told me things will be better. she has been my partner in crime. she has made me laugh. and she has made me cry. she has made me think outside the box. she has fed me. she has watered (beered) me. she has sung out loud with me. she has told me like it is. she has always been honest with me. and she has always loved me. she has been completely and totally amazing.

besides all the things swampy has done for me, and honestly it has been above and beyond her call of duty... she has some of the best character i have ever seen in another human being. she is such a harder worker with work, with family and with friends. swampy puts it all out there on the table. she will drop what she is doing to help out any where she can. she tries so hard to do her fair share and the best part... the only things she wants in return is a smile and a thank you. she has a huge heart. HUGE. enough to fill the world with love, warmth, humor, and good vibes. she is adventurous. when swampy wants to do something, she does it. she tries her damnedest at what she wants until she gets it right. she's a bit fearless and audacious when it comes to putting herself out there and i love that about her. she's spicy and has a bit of kick! she holds herself accountable for all of her actions, never steps down, and only apologizes when needed. i tell you people... she is extraordinary. she is good people. she is someone i want in my corner. she could take over the world if she wanted but all she needs is her family, her bluebonnet, and her friends... everything that comes from that is what makes her the most happy. but i'm pretty sure if you threw in a little makeup, a few lbs of crawfish, a couple of books, and some zydeco she wouldn't turn it away!!!

the thing about swampy and me is that we get each other. we know when to hold them and know when to fold them. we view things in a similar manner and are pretty fierce when we come together. now that i have relocated for the time being, i will miss our cajun and a coonass adventures but the adventures are not over just yet... they are on a hiatus for the time being. one day, we will reunite and be more powerful than before.

i consider myself to be lucky to know her and even more lucky that she is my besty.

thank you swampy for always being there for me. it means the world to me!

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Swampy said...

what in the hell is wrong with you - making a grown ass woman cry in the middle of the day at her cubicle. damn, gina.