all the things i buy...

a few weeks ago i had a debatable discussion with fellow friends about the clean, pristine, white chuck vs. the gunky, falling apart, nasty chuck. i lost the debate. swampy even jumped my ship and sided with the other team. it was a sad day. seeing that i didn't even own a pair of chuck taylors, i decided to truly have an opinion, i needed to try these guys out for myself.

i have. AND i am sticking to the clean and pristine approach. i like the simple clean tennis shoe look with jeans and a tee. what can i say? i like classic and CLEAN!

i am not trying to be a poser, promise. and since i won't be going to emo's anytime soon, it really shouldn't be a problem.

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madelyn said...

I have those exact ones! AND I am definitely in the camp of pristine Chuck Taylors with cute clean dark jeans and a tee. Definitely.