happy birthday to me.

for some odd reason when i was growing up, i remember thinking that the ages 25 and 28 would be so exciting! i couldn't wait until those years fell upon me. well, lets just say 25 didn't treat me right. actually, it was the worst year of my life. and to be honest... the past two years that followed have not been that stellar. BUT! i have had some amazing times with friends and family, i've been a few places, i've learned so much about myself, and i'm taking the opportunity at trying my hand out with my dream of owning my own business.

now that i look back, it hasn't been that shabby!!! i've made quite a bit of progress. i may not have a husband, a home, a steady career, or a few toddlers running around (all the things i thought i would have by 28) but i'm doing what i want to be doing. and i do have things that i never imagined that i would posses like security, character, an open mind, and a vivacious disposition with taking on life head on. not that i didn't think i would have those things within me, i just never thought about it until the past few years. these are things that can not be taken away from me no matter what happens.

so i embark on this year i have looked forward to the most, 28. i'm excited about the possibilities. things are getting back on track and i'm ready to take on whatever comes my way! i have awesome people in my life who want nothing but greatness from me. they support me. they cheer me on. and best of all, they love me for me and will stand by me no matter what. without all of you, i wouldn't be so fearless!

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Swampy said...

happy happy happy happy happy happy happy BIRTHDAY!