concept no.1.

i am trying to gather all my thoughts, ideas, facts, and figures for Sweet Sassafras, my most audacious adventure yet! by pulling everything together in an organized fashion, i hope it not only makes perfect sense to me, but for when i ask a bank for millions upon billions of buck to fund my dream, it makes complete and perfect sense to them.

i asked a friend of mine, Jon Sukarangsan of FortuneCookie Press, to help me out with taking the vision i have in my head and putting it out for everyone to see, exam, and understand... since i don't have time to hone up on my stellar sketching skills (ROFL)... and this is what he and i came up with as concept no. 1. it's only the rough so bare that in mind. i will update as we move along.

sweet sassafras concept no. 1

i'm pretty much over the moon about it. with a few changes here and there... it's going to be perfection!

p.s. by the way, honest thoughts, comments, and concerns would be lovely!


Swampy said...

dang, that is exactly how you described it

madelyn said...

it looks awesome! Can I come work in your store?

PearlGirl said...

you can all come work there... i will pay in the form of flattery and food!!!

jessica said...

Love it! Looks like you communicated your ideas very well with Jon.