when i started sharing this blog with some of the people in my life, i told myself i could not censor what i wrote. since then, the content has changed for the most part, which i do not mind one bit, and i find myself placating what i want to say here. i am annoyed at myself for letting others dictate my own censorship of my own space. i tread lightly because i don't want to hurt others. i hold back because things can be misconstrued. but i'm done contemplating the "what ifs". the majority of the randomness and thoughts i put here is my own stream of conciseness. just words.

i hate that i said 'just words' now. i know that words are powerful. i have been naive and lived by the words some people have told me. trusted them. i've put my faith in those words. but what i have learned is that Action is what i must live by. people must show me what they mean and how they feel. i know not all are capable of that but then maybe those people are meant for me. but i need people to SHOW me their character. i need to see it. i do not need to hear words about it.

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