all the things i buy...

you bet your pet loving heart i bought john paul mitchell pet products and i love them! correction, i love using them on my pets. not on me. and i'm sure they could care less with what is lathered up on them while they stand frozen like they just stepped in smelly green chucky goo with an expression that says 'get me the f out of here right now, mom!'

anyhow. the wipes are the best! there is a formula for the ears and eyes, which is perfect for mr. gauger gaugerton. a formula for paws. and a formula for teeth. the oatmeal conditioning spray is great for adding a little moisture to dried out pet skin and a freshening up between baths.

all products are tear free and natural which is a MUST. Tested on Human First!

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Anonymous said...

Sweet! Where do you get this and how much? I want! I want!