thirty happy 30th to one of my nearest and dearest friends, shirey.

in celebration of shireys big 3.0., we had a little bash with some crawdaddies and cold ones. yes, i finally made the long exhausting trip to kyle, tx... the trip shirey has been nagging me about for months. i didn't tell him, but the only reason i went was for the free crawfish! i keed. i adore shirey and his lovely new bride, debbie debbakins.

when i arrived i was greeted by some old familiar faces. i had such a good time hanging with my old pals from lc.

and just like old times... a beer bong appeared from nowhere... good times. too bad no one got a picture of me hitting the bong.... too f-in' bad.

and then there is daly.

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Swampy said...

i do not believe for a single second that you did a beer bong... that is like me telling I went to church.