need change?

because i do!

it's time i stop screwing around and start to take responsibilities for my wellness. i drink too much coke and not enough water. i eat too much fast food and not enough real food. and the killer, i smoke. {yes, i admit it mother. but only from a distance. when in your presence, i will deny, deny, deny.} i'm not a heavy smoker. maybe, MAYBE a pack a week... unless i hang out with the dittys. but if i stop, they will stop as well... right?

other than that, my body hurts. and i'm tired. and somewhat depressed. and i am fully aware it is all because i am not moving enough. so it's time to get a steppin'.

with that said, last night i decided to jump in and participate in a little thing some yelpers put together. we are competing to see you can lose the most weight by 4th of july. i hope this will give me the motivation to start moving and be a bit more conscious about what i'm doing and how it effects the way i feel.


Swampy said...

i will quit the smoking too... although to be honest, out of the three of us, i smoke the least and I haven't had one in at least a month. i quit the cokes two weeks ago, i'm running soley on diet cherry coke... HOWEVER, I've been hitting the new Raspberry Vanilla Iced Latte like a baseball player, so I'll cut those out.

PearlGirl said...


Baconator said...

Cool beans, and good luck. :)