two cajuns and the big apple.

as you can see, the title of this blog is the ADVENTURES of pearl girl and yet there are no real adventures blogged about, for that i apologize for false advertisement... so here and now i shall start one!

two cajuns and the big apple
in may, something like 76 days away, swampy and i are headed off to the big apple. my very first time and swampy's not so much very first time. the trip was prompted by an itch and an urge to travel somewhere together; and the annual event i have been just dying to attend, the National Stationary Show was a perfect reason to go to NYC. tickets are booked, hotels reserved and list upon list of places to see and things to do. simply put, I. CAN. NOT. WAIT.

and to top off the best part, so far... as of two minutes ago, i actually got the hotel i wanted. The W Hotel Time Square. at first, it was completely booked and i went ahead and reserved us a room at The Renaissance Time Square, which is just as lovely but not what i wanted. for weeks now i have been checking back to see if the availability at the W changed and today, IT DID! the difference was nothing but a couple of bucks and since i was booking through The Shows travel planner, the rates are practically half price!


Tobes said...

I could just pee in my pants. Right. Now.

PearlGirl said...