Adidas Tillamook

this past weekend i was in search for a new pair of tennis shoes and found myself at the local trusty Academy, the right stuff, the right price... Academy, when i tried on a nifty little running shoe in my regular size 6 1/2. because sister no.1 was with me she did the whole mom thing, 'where's your toe at?' and i said, 'at the end. duh.' but when i looked down... it wasn't, it barely cleared the laces... WOWZERS! so i walked over to the foot measuring device and to my surprise, i am now a 5 1/2!! i didn't believe it. i had to have sister no.1 tell me what she saw to believe it. and she confirmed. i have gone down an entire shoe size. i refuse to believe it and will buy nothing smaller than a six. there, i said it.

... now wonder why all my heels have been slipping right off when i walk.


Tobes said...

those would have come in handy on the trail, huh

PearlGirl said...

yeah... if only i would have known we where going to take up hiking on sunday.