high fivin' fridays.

i wanted to do this thing every friday where i give high fives to the things that have made my week well...awesome. and i have a pretty little layout in mind to showcase it all but i'm at work, where i blog the most {shhh, don't tell anyone} and i have zero image-editing applications. therefore, i'm shit out of luck but until then i will do it plain ol blogger style i suppose. ----- searching for images --- searching--- still searching----- okay. so, no. ... i tried to find images but they need too much work and MS Paint ain't gonna cut it. maybe i'll work on it this weekend and get my shit together for next friday.


Tobes said...

So I guess you are *not* high-fiving your work computer, huh?

PearlGirl said...

the simplest things crack me up. i had to put my head down in my office to try and do the silent laugh. not so much silent.

i should pull post from that yelp thread when i talked about throwing the POS against the wall.