by skunkboycreatures

when i was somewhere around 10 years old, sister no.2 and i shared a bedroom and from time to time the mess would get just completely out of control. as all mothers do, ours repeatedly tried to find ways to help us clean up our room without really helping us at all. so sister no.2 and i came up with a method of throwing EVERYTHING that was on the floor into a large pile and then make sub piles to breakdown the chaos. we would then attack the small piles one at a time until everything was put away properly.

i know... it was a lovely story... and i tell it, so well. but i DO have a point.

this past week i have felt like i have {insert witty idiom that refers to some sort of stressful mind mayhem and it's annoying, aggravating tendency to drive me bat shit crazy}. the same 50 thoughts are cycling in my brain. it's either about work, dreams, friends, family; the norm, i suppose but it's irritating this week because i can't seem to get my thoughts organized. i wish i could climb into my mind, throw all these thoughts, emotions, and ideas into a pile. make them tangible. look at them. hold them in my hands. put them into neat little piles so that i can put them away according. if only life was as simple as when i was 10 years old.

p.s. i am aware the picture is of an owl and i referenced bats. deal with it.


Tobes said...

Try visualizing putting your thoughs into compartments. That is what works for me. It doesn't actually do anything in the real world, but it makes me feel like I've instilled some order.

I know, I know... you thought I was going to say something funny and then WHAM I slap you right across the boobs with some serious shit.

PearlGirl said...

omg... i'm crying... from the pain of holding in my laughter.