all the things i buy...

i'm not sure when (it's been a while) or how (perusing the internets, i'm sure) i came upon rodney white's homepage but the instant i did, i wanted to gather up all his works and plaster them on all my walls. his pieces embody everything i love with the weathered looked to the use of words and their different shapes, to encouraging phrases. i find his work very inspirational.

i chose this first, for its colors and second, for its phrase. i have tried to use blue as a complimentary color in my living spaces and thought this would be a nice touch. and the phrase is to remind me that no matter what happens, big or small, it changes everything. but be grateful for the small changes because the big ones are usually the ones that knock you on your ass.


Anonymous said...

I like this one:

PearlGirl said...

i love that... it's something that i know about all too well.